Thane Upton is a dateble character from Number Days Sim Date. His number, 29, is the highest at the start of the game.


Thane is seen to be incredibly calm and logical, and a stickler for finding all the facts. He wants to make sure proof is provided in any situation, whether it's his own or asking someone else to show him. Though he has a laid back, chill personality, he's somewhat snarky, and easily flustered. He often will make a fool of himself when embarrassed or nervous (which you see very, very often in his route.)


Thane has dark blonde hair, almost tinted with a brown shine in certain shots, and sky blue eyes. His skin is a bit on the tan side, which you see quite visibly in the pool event. He wears an orange and white striped polo shirt, with a black collar and a hint of a teal blue undershirt. He also wears light brown pants, possibly men's dockers, and black loafers. He has glasses due to very poor eyesight, and wears them upside down, to which Spencer ridicules, calling him "a hipster."


Chapter 1:Edit

Thane is the first character to be introduced, and is seen peeking over Evelyn's shoulder and saying that her number is lower than his. He accidentaly scares Evelyn, and they both greet each other. Thane says Evelyn should rest at the cafe, and he'll meet her there.

Chapter 2:Edit

Thane is seeing running into the cafe, chasing an unknown boy. After they all introduce each other, Thane and the group tries to figure out what the numbers signify. Soon, both Spencer and Thane realize that the battery of the phone correlates with the owner's energy.


  • Thane's zodiac sign is Capricorn
  • He has Acrophobia, the fear of heights