Lance Dalton is a date-able character from Wonderland Days Sim Date.

Lance Dalton






Runaway Prince





Appearance Edit

Lance Dalton is based on the Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He appears to be of average weight and build, he has short black hair that is rather messy looking - atop his head are two black-colored cat ears and near the end of his back he has a thin black cat tail.. Lance has yellow eyes and a fair skin complexion, he wears a red collar around his neck and a purple sweater.

Background Edit

Before the game's events, Lance was a prince of an unnamed kingdom. While he lived a life of luxury, he felt trapped because he didn't have any friends and ran away from home.

Quotes Edit

  • Well, I don't know. I'm no mind reader, I just rely on my intuition. I can definitely tell you're not from this world.
  • I guess it's only natural to miss your home. Don't worry, you'll be able to go back soon enough.
  • Hmm, i guess I can relate. Those who are closest to you have the most impact on your life.
  • It's about time I stopped running away and face my problems.

Ending Edit

When it is Alice's final day in Wonderland, Lance asks for her to dance with him. If you say yes, Alice and him will dance with each other and after that Lance will play the violin for you. He then says that he will return to his kingdom and asks Alice to come with him so they will rule together as king and queen, saying that he'd be lonely without her if she didn't. If Alice agrees, there'll be a one year timeskip showing Lance and Alice's marriage - what happens after is unknown.


  • Lance plays the violin
  • If you talk to Jack he will mention see Lance in the missing person section he will then proceed in telling Lance's kingdom where he is.