Ferris Vidal is a character in Kingdom Days Sim Date.

Ferris Vidal
Ferris Vidal








Left: Grey

Right: Red




Ferris has blond hair and different eyes coloration. His left eye is blind, its color is grey. The eye is really noticeable, so he grew his hair over it. As he is a vampire, his right eye is red.


Ferris is hospitable and flirty. He loves to travel, he said that he would go insane if never had a change of scenery here and there, and noted that travelling is more like a lifestyle to him. He said that he has no home because he's a vampire. Ferris is also interested in humans, especially in their unique lifestyle and said that every human is different in their own way.


Ferris was falsely accused for killing a woman. Some villagers locked him inside a coffin and brought him to another village, which is the Hepcatsis Kingdom. Ferris is a name given by a human friend of his. The friend was also accused of murder, but he was hung by villagers. Ferris had his left eye shot by a man, possibly by a special bullet in order to make his eye blind. Ferris lost a lot of memory when he got shot. He also noted that he didn't wear eyepatch because it isn't his thing and doesn't want people to be aware of his disability.

He is an unlockable character in Kingdom Days Sim Date.

In order to unlock Ferris, make note of the words on the coffin. Those who commit sins shall be punished. God only forgives when a fragile angel heals his heart. Therefore, you need to buy a glass angel, and afterwards, go to the church. You should see a heart. If you allow Mr.Toko to take it, Ferris will be unlocked.


  • Peace will come someday.
  • Someday, somewhere, fate will somehow bring us together.


  • Ferris loves wine.
  • If the player character marries Ferris, they travel the world together. (e.g. They visit Wonderland).
  • In the fourth episode of Xolga and Mr. Toko, Xolga and Mr. Toko teleported to Hepcatsis Kingdom where they were teleported at the time of his unjust trial, but Xolga proved his innocence by showing the evidences of the murder like the bloodied handkerchief and knitting needles, the abscence of reflection that the man claims and the thrown candlestick. Despite of all this, he was still declared guilty by the town mayor, Ester, claiming that the majority ruled the society thus, giving in to the irrational townspeople's desire to his unjust punishment.