Daniel Claud is a character in Kingdom Days Sim Date.

Daniel Claud
Daniel Claud


Restless spirit / Human




October 2








Daniel has blue eyes, messy orange hair, and wears glasses. He wears bandages and has a scar on his right arm. He uses the bandages to cover some nasty looking scars that he possibly got when attacking enemy's soldiers.


Daniel is used to being lonely and doesn't talk much since no one can see him.


Daniel is not a part of the living world. He died during a war years ago. He was killed while saving his family from the enemy soldier's invasion.

Surprisingly, after being killed, he can still see, hear, and touch things like a normal person. Even so, nobody can hear his voice or see him, making him thought that he might be a ghost. Despite this, the player character can see him.

He also noted that a voice in his head told him that he was given a second chance at life, but he'll be invisible until he learns how to love. He will disappear if he doesn't break the curse in time.


  • ... You're not just a figment of my imagination are you?
  • Love takes time, and I'm not sure if I could even learn how to if I had a whole year.
  • War just sickens me though. There's even another one going on right now. How many more innocent lives are going to be taken?
  • Yeah, I know. The world can't be perfect. I guess that's just life.


  • Daniel had a little sister.
  • Daniel's father was also a blacksmith. His grandfather actually built the blacksmith and passed it onto his son, and now it's been passed down to Daniel.
  • Daniel has always wanted to learn how to draw.
  • So far, Daniel is the only sim character that Pacthesis created to have a birthdate.
  • Daniel's family was killed, despite him trying to save his family.