Number Days Sim Date is an online dating simulation created by Pacthesis. It was released December 1st, 2012.


Journal Entry:

Today's the grand opening of the new amusement park in town so Evelyn and her friends decided to check it out. After a long day of waiting in lines and having fun, it was time to go home… unfortunately for Evelyn, she finds herself alone and lost in the park in a blink of an eye. A massive glass wall surrounds the park's borders and it seems that everyone had disappeared as not another soul was in sight.

Despite not having a signal, her cell phone receives a text from an unknown source: "Your time here will end when your number reaches zero." Evelyn soon meets others in the desolate amusement park. Like her, they also received the mysterious text message. When everyone put their heads together, they noticed that all of their cell phones display a number instead of the time. Uncannily, their phones also seem to correspond with their own energy. When their phone's battery is full, they feel alert and awake. In contrast, they feel exhausted when their phone has little to no power. Good thing a lot of kids nowadays bring their own phone chargers with them.

As days pass by, their numbers rise and drop in an unpredictable pattern. Evelyn and the others decided to work together and hope to not only solve the meaning behind these numbers, but to find a way out of the amusement park.


Evelyn (renamable)

Passive and usually reserved around strangers, though she's not bad at getting along with them. She's generous and the type of person who gives more than she takes. Her number starts at 12. It's unknown to the group why her number is the lowest.

Thane Upton

Calm and cool. He likes to get all the facts before making any conclusions and does a lot of thinking in his spare time. He was working in the arcade before the whole incident. It was his first day too. Tough luck. His number is the highest and starts at 29.

Spencer Huff

Smart, but impulsive. Sometimes he'll be aggressive and stubborn, but he genuinely cares for people close to him. He's pretty skeptical about the whole situation. Beforehand, he was also hanging out with friends at the amusement park. His number starts at 22.

Bryce Greenfield

Easy going and whimsical. He has a talent for calming people down and holds the group together despite not being the "leader" type. He is a psychology student who was studying human behaviors at the amusement park for a project. His number starts at 17.

Lena Regan

Very quiet and extremely apathetic. She hardly speaks or shows any emotion. Evelyn seems to be the only person she's willing to talk to. Perhaps she's just shy. She doesn't reveal her reason for visiting the amusement park until much later. Her number starts at 20.

Arlo Thorn

A strange but friendly guy. He's outgoing, curious, and playful. He always means well, but sometimes he'll cross the line of what's appropriate and what's not. Unfortunately for him, he lost his cell phone so he has no idea what his number is. (And yes, a lost phone is quite an issue... as his energy correlates with his phone's battery...)

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